A Funny Night for Comedy

A Funny Night for Comedy- June 9th

It’s a Funny Night for Boars, Gore, and Swords!

This month we welcome the comedians that comprise the meat of the third most popular Game of Thrones related podcast on the internet!

Red Scott, Ivan Hernandez and Kelly Anneken will be our stand-out stand-up guests for our special fantasy-themed edition of A Funny Night for Comedy.

Get your tickets soon! Something about winter!

A Funny Night for Comedy- May 12th

It’s our first annual Motherless Mothers’ Day here at AFNFC! Three fabulous performers who have never been mothers will be our guests this month at our big little show on the hill.

We will be welcoming back one of my personal favorites, Marga Gomez.












Marga is hard-working and hilarious and I’ve looked up to her since before I started doing comedy. Now we’re friends and I get to invite her on to my show- life is full of cool surprises!

Two other funny friends will be joining us that night: Loren Kraut and Eloisa Bravo. The good thing about being a comedian is that even though you’re broke you get to hang out with smart people who make you laugh.

Come check us out on 5/12 and see what I mean. We always have a good time, and yup, there will be fried chicken again!

Get your tickets ahead of time.

A Funny Night for Comedy- April 14th

It’s our April show so it’s appropriate that we here at AFNFC are about to get showered with a bevy of wonderful guest comedians!

Our headliner for this fourth month of 2013 is none other than Jessica Halem!

Jessica is visiting the west coast from NY for a short time, and we feel very lucky to have her. We could go on about how great she is, but instead just check out what actual, credible, sources have to say.

We also be joined by local talents (for the very first time!) Kevin O’Shea and Priya Prasad. Check out a video of Priya, or Kevin’s Twitter. Better yet, do both.

As always we’ll have the usual fun, fried chicken and lemon cake!

Get your tickets now!

A Funny Night for Comedy- March 10th

It’s the third show of the year, so we’re MARCHing up to something good! Get it? Because doing comedy is like being in the military!

Anyway, we’re thrilled to have back to the theatre one of our favorite guests, Mary Van Note. Mary is an hilarious and unique voice in the SF comedy scene, we always love working with her, and there’s a rumor that someone on the staff has a secret crush on her!

Buy your tickets ahead of time here. Or buy them at the door. We like cash too.

We will also be welcoming “visiting from Chicago” Roman Leo and “BARTing from the East Bay” Duat Mai!

And of course we will have all the usual fun you’ve come to expect from us including, but not limited too, free chicken!

A Funny Night for Comedy- February 10th Sketchfest Edition!

We’re in the SF Skecthfest this year!

Q: What?
A: We’re part of the 2013 San Francisco Comedy Festival! Founded in 2002 by Bay Area actor-comedians David Owen, Janet Varney and Cole Stratton; the SF Sketchfest takes place every January in a variety of San Francisco venues and features comedy performers from all over the country!

Q: Seriously?
A: Yup!

Q: For reals?
A: What?
Q: For reals. Like, really?
A: Of course!

Q: That’s pretty cool. You deserve it. Who’s gonna be in the show, and where can I get tickets?
A: Along with all the usual unusualness, we’ll be joined by comedians Matt Gubser, Matt Davis and Julia Hladkowicz. Here’s the link to tickets!

See? It’s all true!

Come join the fun on February 10th!

A Funny Night for Comedy- January 13th

We have special guest Scott Capurro for the first show of 2013! That’s all you need to know, get your tickets here.

Why are you still reading? Scott is hilarious, has been in famous movies, and has agreed to do our show while visiting from London (England!) for a few weeks. I’m really excited for you, because you get to see him for only $10! So, you can go ahead and buy your tickets now. Did I mention that besides all of the usual business we will also have local funny
people Ronn Vigh and Cara Tramontano? NOW will you get your BPT’s? Hmmm? Stand-up, sketch, interviews and fried chicken are great companions on a cold Sunday night- see you there!

A Funny Night for Comedy- November 11th

We are very pleased to announce that we have the incredibly funny Mike Drucker closing out the November 11th version of A Funny Night for Comedy.

This is a photo of his spirit, which is both youthful and wary.

Mike is an all-around humorous person and has written for the Onion, SNL, and, of course, Twitter. He is sure to be a great fit for our weird little show, as will our two other guests, Sammy Obeid and Lydia Popovich.

Sammy is one of the hardest working comedians we know, and his dedication to the craft comes is apparent through his joke writing as well as his comfort and ease on stage. You can read about his adventures setting records in comedy here.

Lydia is newer to the world of stand-up comedy, but has been at the fun and games to entertain game for a while posting under the name Hater Tuesday.

We will of course have fried chicken and lemon cake, because they go so well with laughter and smiles.

Buy your tickets now, and we’ll see you later!

A Funny Night for Comedy- October 14th

Our October show brings with it the comedy stylings of Alex Koll! Alex has been a favorite guest of ours many times over, and we’re thrilled to have him back. If you don’t know who he is Google him, or just check out his website.

Or just stare into his eyes:

Don’t look away.

We also have Ben Feldman, Katie Compa, and our usual awesome weirdness (or is it weird awesomeness?)

Buy your ticket(s) now!

Or now.

Or now.

Stop reading and do it!