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I Wrote A Thing

In my effort to become a better writer I’m writing things over on Medium. Here’s the first paragraph:

I woke up this morning thinking about the finale to Game of Thrones. I dreamt about it again last night. I swam in the gorgeous green glow of wildfire and twisted and turned in the searing flames of the AVClub Game of Thrones for Newbies comments thread, a veteran illiterate, the Davos Seaworthy of the internet. I fell with the snows of winter on the Snow of Winterfell. I clicked like on untold numbers of YouTube breakdown videos. I traveled across great swaths of sea and land in no time at all to enter myself into the fray and fed Freys into Frey. I cast myself headlong into vivacious audio vivisections until I was near bored of gore and swords.

Feel free to click here to read the rest!